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Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance  (2015)    Cinema Epoch/Action    RT: 93 minutes    No MPAA rating (strong violence, graphic gore, language, nudity, sex)    Director: Gregory Hatanaka    Screenplay: Rich Mallery, T.L. Young and Gregory Hatanaka    Music: Toshiyuki Hiraoka    Cinematography: Chris Faulisi    Release date: October 9, 2015 (DTV)    Cast: Mathew Karedas, Mark Frazer, Bai Ling, Kayden Kross, Tommy Wiseau, Cranston Komuro, Laurene Landon, Melissa Moore, Gerald Okamura, Lexi Belle, Nicole Bailey, Joe Estevez, Mel Novak, Lisa London, Kristine DeBell, Shane Ryan, Mindy Robinson, Thomas J. Churchill, Jimmy Williams, Jesse Hlubik, Matthew Mahaney, Bogdan Szumilas, Yuka Sana, Ramzi Abed, Nicole D’Angelo, Dawna Lee Heising, Craig Bruss, Braxton Davis, Mike Malloy, Ewing M. Brown, Joycelyne Lew, Tom Gleason, Joselito Rescober.    Box Office: N/A



 After nearly 25 years, “Joe Marshall, Samurai Cop!” is back in Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, a wild ride of a sequel that puts him and his old partner smack in the middle of a war between two Japanese gangs vying for control of the criminal underworld in L.A. It’s the sequel fans of the original 1991 bad movie cult classic have been waiting for. I’m pleased to announce that not only is it as gloriously bad as its predecessor, Gregory Hatanaka (director, producer and co-writer) takes it to the next level with an overly convoluted plot and some of the coolest cult casting this side of Corman-era New World Pictures. It’s like low-rent Quentin Tarantino. In Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, you’ll see Tommy Wiseau, star of the 2003 bad movie classic/Rocky Horror successor The Room; Bai Ling from Crank 2: High Voltage; still-sexy Laurene Landon (All the Marbles, Maniac Cop); Joe Estevez, Uncle Joe to Emilio and Charlie Sheen; a hilariously over-the-top Mel Novak (Game of Death, Force: Five) and two of my favorite ladies of late 70s/ early 80s exploitation cinema, Lisa London (H.O.T.S., The Naked Cage) and Kristine DeBell of the softcore version of Alice in Wonderland (1976) and the summer camp comedy Meatballs. Based on this awesome cast roster, how can you possibly say no to Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance?

 Samurai Cop 2Mathew Karedas, visibly older and no better an actor, reprises his role as Joe Marshall, a cop trained in the way of the samurai. As the movie opens, he’s married to Jennifer (porn actress Kross) and couldn’t be happier. Their bliss is, of course, short-lived; somebody kills her right in front of Marshall, causing him to quit the force and go into hiding. A quarter of a century later, his special set of skills is needed to thwart a gang war between the Shinjuku and Ginza clans. The Katana, reorganized as a legitimate company, is caught in the middle. After a politician is murdered, Frank Washington realizes it’s the work of samurais. He manages to track down Marshall who no longer lives “by the sword” in hope of finding inner peace. This lasts as long as it takes for gang members to try and kill both of them. Marshall agrees to help in exchange for Washington reopening his wife’s case (it’s still unsolved).

 I’ll be honest, I had a hell of a time keeping track of who’s who in Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance so let’s just say that once Marshall in reinstated to the force, he and Washington go up against a lot of bad guys. There are many fights including one on a plane on which, by what can only be explained as a wild cosmic coincidence, many characters find themselves at the same time. Once again, Marshall finds the time to initiate a relationship, this time with Milena (Kross), a mysterious woman who bears a strong resemblance to the dearly departed Jennifer. There’s also some business about gold medallions and Marshall being “The Chosen One” according to Fujiyama.

 The best way to describe Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance is by comparing it to Crank 2: High Voltage. Like the 2009 sequel to the Jason Statham actioner, it’s freaking insane! It has a lot more violence and gore. There are way too many characters; at times, Hatanaka is more like a cop directing traffic than a filmmaker. Characters who I thought were killed off in the first movie- e.g. Fujiyama (Komuro), Okamura (Gerald Okamura) and the guy who got his arm cut off during the parking lot fight (Tom Gleason)- are back for this second go-around. The dialogue is pretty heinous. Washington actually tells Marshall “You can reign down your deadly vengeance!” if he teams up with him one last time.

 The acting is about on par with the original. Ling devours the scenery as Katana second-in-command Sakamoto. It was great seeing Novak (as a corrupt FBI agent), Landon (as a sword-wielding cop), London (as a mob boss) and DeBell (as a pathologist). Their parts aren’t very big but their very presence makes Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance all the more worthwhile for B-movie lovers. The production values are a little better. It doesn’t feel like amateur night this time around. The fight choreography has also improved significantly.

 Like the original, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance is unintentionally funny. Well, sometimes it’s intentional. Either way, it’s a whole lot of tongue-in-cheek fun. The climax is reminiscent of Game of Death with Marshall facing off against opponents one-by-one as he makes his way through someplace called “The Complex” to get to the big boss. All he needs is the yellow leather jumpsuit. It has plenty of sex, nudity and hot babes like porn actresses Lexi Belle and Nicole Bailey (aka Zoey Munroe) as a pair of sexy killers and model Mindy Robinson as a Katana henchwoman. It has a definite 90s action movie vibe with the hero’s long hair, his bevy of bodacious babes and stock characters like the tough-talking police captain played by Estevez for whom Marshall and Washington are a constant source of grief. Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance may not be great filmmaking but it’s as enjoyable a guilty pleasure as you likely would find in dusty bins in video stores in the 90s. If you want to have a great movie night, invite a few friends over and watch both Samurai Cop movies as a double feature. 

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