The Dirty Dozen


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Maximum Risk

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The Long Kiss Goodnight

long-kiss-goodnight-revThe Long Kiss Goodnight  (1996)    New Line/Action-Thriller    RT: 121 minutes    Rated R (language, strong bloody violence- a lot of both)    Director: Renny Harlin    Screenplay: Shane Black    Music: Alan Silvestri    Cinematography: Guillermo Navarro    Release date: October 11, 1996 (US)    Cast: Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson, Craig Bierko, Patrick Malahide, Brian Cox, David Morse, Yvonne Zima, G.D. Spradlin, Tom Amandes, Melina Kanakaredes, Joseph McKenna, Alan North, Dan Warry-Smith, Rex Linn, Edwin Hodge, Sharon Washington.    Box Office: $33.4 million (US)/$89.4 million (World)


 There’s nothing like surrendering yourself to a supremely silly action flick on a Saturday night, be it at the multiplex or at home riding the couch. As long as it contains copious amounts of action, violence, mayhem and destruction, who cares whether or not it’s believable? It’s in this frame of mind that one must approach The Long Kiss Goodnight, an actioner that has all that and more. Directed by Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2), it stars his then-wife Geena Davis (Thelma and Louise) as an amnesiac schoolteacher who discovers she used to be an expert CIA assassin. Ah yes, our old friend amnesia! A catch-all plot device older than cinema itself, used to explain away many an implausibility. So it is that we accept the far-fetched premise of The Long Kiss Goodnight and Davis as a deadly, ass-kicking heroine. I saw this at an advance screening and the audience (a full house) seemed to love it. It received such a positive response, I’m surprised it didn’t do better box office, but I’m wondering if that has to do with the previous Davis-Harlin collaboration, the bloated pirate adventure Cutthroat Island (1995).

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Double Team

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Con Air

conair-revCon Air  (1997)    Touchstone/Action    RT: 115 minutes    Rated R (strong violence and language)    Director: Simon West    Screenplay: Scott Rosenberg    Music: Mark Mancina and Trevor Rabin    Cinematography: David Tattersall    Release date: June 6, 1997 (US)    Cast: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, Steve Buscemi, Colm Meany, Nick Chinlund, Rachel Ticotin, M.C. Gainey, Mykelti Williamson, Danny Trejo, Jesse Borrego, Renoly, David Chappelle, Jose Zuniga, Monica Potter, Landry Allbright, Brendan Kelly, Steve Eastin, Angela Featherstone, John Marshall Jones, Doug Hutchison, Kevin Gage (uncredited).    Box Office: $101.1 million (US)/$224 million (World)


 Con Air is big, dumb and loud. It has shootings, explosions and ends with a wild vehicle chase through downtown Las Vegas. It’s wall-to-wall mayhem and destruction. In other words, all the things we’ve come to expect from producer Jerry Bruckheimer. I LOVE IT!!! That’s right, I think it’s cool! Here’s an action movie that will bring out your inner 14-year-old boy regardless your actual gender. It stars Nicolas Cage (The Rock) as a paroled ex-con forced to deal with a hijacking situation on board a prisoner transport plane (aka “Con Air”) filled with the most dangerous inmates in the penal system. Why the government would put this many violent criminals on the same plane is anybody’s guess.

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The Road Warrior


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In the Line of Fire

InTheLineOfFirerevIn the Line of Fire  (1993)    Columbia Pictures/Action-Thriller    RT: 128 minutes    Rated R (language, violence)    Director: Wolfgang Petersen    Screenplay: Jeff Maguire    Music: Ennio Morricone    Cinematography: John Bailey     Release date: July 9, 1993 (US)    Cast: Clint Eastwood, John Malkovich, Rene Russo, Dylan McDermott, Gary Cole, Fred Dalton Thompson, John Mahoney, Gregory Alan Williams, Jim Curley, Tobin Bell, Clyde Kusatsu, Steve Hytner, Patrika Darbo, John Heard, Joshua Malina, Steve Railsback.    Box Office: $102.3 million (US)/$187.3 million (World)


 Clint Eastwood always gets off at least one great quotable line in his movies and in the case of the action-thriller In the Line of Fire, it’s “That’s not going to happen.” He says it during a phone conversation with potential Presidential assassin Mitch Leary played by John Malkovich (Dangerous Liaisons) at his crazy best. Eastwood is aging Secret Service Frank Horrigan and must protect the Commander-in-Chief from a psycho that matter-of-factly informs him that he plans to kill the country’s leader. As far as I’m concerned, Eastwood can do almost no wrong ( the sole exceptions being White Hunter, Black Heart and The Bridges of Madison County) and pretty much everything is right with In the Line of Fire. And why wouldn’t it be? Eastwood gets to play a gun-carrying hero that any sane person would think twice about messing with. He goes up against a loathsome nut job.

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Vigilante-revVigilante  (1983)    Film Ventures International/Action-Thriller    RT: 89 minutes    Rated R (language, strong graphic violence, rape, some sexual content, drug use/references)    Director: William Lustig    Screenplay: Richard Vetere    Music: Jay Chattaway    Cinematography: James Lemmo    Release date: April 15, 1983 (Philadelphia, PA)    Cast: Robert Forster, Fred Williamson, Richard Bright, Rutanya Alda, Don Blakely, Joseph Carberry, Willie Colon, Joe Spinell, Carol Lynley, Woody Strode, Steve James (as Steven W. James), Vincent Beck, Bo Rucker, Frank Pesce, Randy Jurgensen, Henry Judd Baker, Dante Joseph, Vincent Russo.    Box Office: $5 million (US)


 Please hurt ‘em, Hammer! No, not the has-been rapper from the early 90s. I’m talking about the man himself, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson (Black Caesar, The Big Score). He plays the leader of a secret vigilante group in the 1983 grindhouse classic Vigilante directed by William Lustig (Maniac). I LOVE THIS MOVIE! What’s not to love? It has a cool cast led by Williamson and Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), a great score by Jay Chattaway, authentic New York City street settings and a lot of gratuitous violence. All that and the message that it’s perfectly okay to take the law into your own hands because the legal system is corrupt and rotten to the core. Vigilante opens with Williamson’s character Nick making an impassioned speech about taking the streets back from the punks and dirtbags that rob, assault, rape, murder and generally terrorize decent, law-abiding citizens.

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speed-revSpeed  (1994)    20th Century Fox/Action    RT: 116 minutes    Rated R (violence and language)    Director: Jan de Bont    Screenplay: Graham Yost    Music: Mark Mancina    Cinematography: Andrzej Bartkowiak    Release date: June 10, 1994 (US)    Cast: Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Joe Morton, Alan Ruck, Glenn Plummer, Richard Lineback, Beth Grant, Hawthorne James, Carlos Carrasco, David Kriegel, Natsuko Ohama, Daniel Villarreal.    Box Office: $121.3 million (US)/$350.5 million (World)


 There’s absolutely no reason in the world that Speed should have been any good. It’s Die Hard on a bus, for Pete’s sake! But it is good. In fact, it’s great! It’s exciting, suspenseful and a thrill-a-minute. What a wonderful surprise. I didn’t really know what to expect when I attended the prerelease screening the Tuesday before it opened. It’s fair to say that I had more confidence in Speed than City Slickers II which screened the same night at another theater. My biggest concern was whether leading man Keanu Reeves would cut it as an action star. He did well in Point Break three years earlier, but he had the strong support of co-star Patrick Swayze. Besides, I (like many others) still associated him with the dimwitted character he played in the Bill & Ted movies. As it turned out, Keanu did a decent job as the hero in Speed.

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