Run! Bitch Run!

RunBitchRunRun! Bitch Run!  (2009)    Vicious Circle Films/Action-Thriller    RT: 83 minutes    No MPAA Rating (language, graphic bloody violence and gore, graphic rape scenes, full frontal nudity, strong sexual content, necrophilia, drug abuse)    Director: Joseph Guzman    Screenplay: Robert James Hayes II and Joseph Guzman    Music: Chris Mosqueda, Ryan Shivdasani and Warren O. Williams    Cinematography: Robert James Hayes II    Release date: December 8, 2009 (DVD) (US)    Starring: Cheryl Lyone, Ivet Corvea, Peter Tahoe, Johnny Winscher, Christina DeRosa, Daeg Faerch, Patricia Grant, Mike Tursi, Chenoa Mason, Chris Weidman, Ryan Henslee, Caejar Cox, Lori Soleil, Douglas Macpherson, Mickey Faerch, Maz Siam, Cream Cabahug, Sylvia Ochoa, Jewellz Shrode.     


 You have to admit, Run! Bitch Run! is a pretty catchy title. It certainly caught my attention at the used DVD store about a week ago. My love for super-violent revenge flicks knows no bounds and I jumped at the chance to include this title in my collection of grindhouse movies even though I had never heard of it until that very moment. The poster for Run! Bitch Run! depicts a woman in a nurse's uniform holding a shotgun in one hand and a bloody machete in the other, how cool is that? I watched it that very day and it's every bit the low budget B-movie that I expected. Made for about $25,000, it's kind of a cross between Last House on the Left (1972) and I Spit on Your Grave (1978). I'm pleased to say that this flick delivers the goods, there's a very generous helping of blood and violence! Okay, it's not a very well-made movie, it definitely has more than its fair share of flaws, but that's the very essence of exploitation filmmaking. In the case of an exploitation flick like this, I'm willing to overlook certain shortcomings. In a movie like Run! Bitch Run!, I don't expect a brilliant screenplay. I don't expect Oscar-caliber acting. I don't expect expert technical craftsmanship.

Hell, I don't even expect competent filmmaking. All I'm looking for is a good sleazy violent action/thriller with lots of violence and a few hot women. Run! Bitch Run!is that kind of movie!


 poster RunBitchRunPosterVirginal Catherine (Lyone) and slutty Rebecca (DeRosa) are a couple of Catholic school girls who find themselves in trouble with a trio of psychopathic criminals after witnessing the brutal murder of a prostitute. They're in the area selling Bibles door-to-door as part of their mission when their motel's sleazy owner (Cox) suggests that they try selling their goods in the town of Moseley. It's a seedy little redneck town populated by degenerates and criminals. At one point, an irate woman pulls a shotgun on the girls when they knock at her front door a second time. They even get robbed by a little kid (Daeg Faerch) who claims that they're trespassing on his territory. Meanwhile, at the local whorehouse, the three inhabitants have just gotten rid of the dismembered body of a customer who insulted one of the girls. Marla (Corvea) stabs some poor fat slob to death for criticizing her job performance and trying to take back his money. Drug-dealing pimp Lobo (Tahoe) runs the operation, he sends his half-wit lackey Clint (Winscher) to fetch his toolbox because it'll be easier to move the body if it's in pieces. When Christine and Rebecca arrive at the house, they hear Lobo questioning a whore (Grant) who stole expensive drugs from his private stash. The girls happen to peek through the window right when the creep shoots the girl in the head. Clint and Marla grab the terrified girls and force them inside. The three criminals proceed to terrorize and torture the girls, they're going to have to kill them, so why shouldn't they have some fun with them first.

 While Lobo and Clint leave to dump the dead whore's body, Marla decides to pleasure herself in all sorts of ways. She feels Catherine up and forces Rebecca to suck her toes. It all ends with a game of Russian Roulette and Rebecca with her head blown off. The three psychos take Catherine to the woods and force her try and escape, it's all part of Lobo's sick and twisted version of Hide and Seek. He immediately catches up with the scared girl and anally rapes her with a knife handle. When he's finally finished, he sends Clint to finish her off, but the dummy can't even do that right and he leaves her very much alive. Catherine makes her way out of the woods and passes out in the middle of the road. She wakes up in the hospital, but leaves after a very short time (the movie never specifies how long she stays). However, a character transition has taken place, she's no longer that timid and innocent school girl we met at the beginning of the movie. She's pissed off and she wants her revenge! Wearing a nurse's uniform, Catherine makes her way back to Moseley to face her tormentors. Here's the deal, if you like I Spit on Your Grave, then you'll probably like Run! Bitch Run!. The major difference is that there's a female attacker in this movie and she's the most vicious member of the trio. I love how Ivet Corvea (Nude Nuns with Big Guns) tears up the scenery, she makes Faye Dunaway look like the poster model for understated performances. I wouldn't call Corvea a bad actress, I would say that she's the right kind of actress for a movie like this. Call me crazy, I like her, I really hope she decides to do some mainstream movies.

 Run! Bitch Run! has a very high sleaze quotient, but I think it hits its lowest point when a junkyard dealer spots the prostitute's dead body in the back of the school girls' car and tells Lobo that some people would pay good money to have sex with a corpse. Sure enough, one of his employees is shown having sex with the corpse in a later scene. That's pretty nasty, even for a confirmed gorehound like myself. Other sleazy aspects of this movie include the scene where Marla masturbates with a plunger handle and the fact that Clint loves to watch Catholic school girl porn. Ordinarily, I'd quote some of the movie's better lines, but most of the dialogue is unprintable, so I'll limit myself to just two lines. Early on, the sleazebag motel owner leers at the girls as they're leaving for Moseley and says, "Lord, if I wasn't such a righteous man, I'd pound them harder than the nails in the Cross." When Lobo realizes that the two girls witnessed the murder, he refers to the situation as a "balls deep clusterf**k". Incidentally, Lobo really lives up to his name, he howls when he's pleased. There's plenty of great bloody violence in Run! Bitch Run! .... lots of people get blown away, some creep gets his eyes slashed with a scalpel, there's a decapitation and somebody gets a machete jammed up his ass repeatedly. As Christine, Lyone turns in a pretty good performance, her transformation from crying victim to silent killer really makes the movie. It's really freaky! Yeah, it's a pretty sick movie, but it's a damn good revenge flick, it's always great to see rape victims strike back and kill their attackers. This would have gone over extremely well on a 42nd Street grindhouse theater triple feature.

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