My Top Weird Movies Part II

Dark-City-1998-revOkay, I couldn't resist compiling another list of of weird movies that defy any rational explanation, those flicks that make your head spin and /or make you say "HUH?". By now, you all know that I love this kind of movie, it's fun to see a flick that you have to analyze afterwards. Let me say that not all entertainment has to be geared towards the moron crowd, the studios may not believe this but not all moviegoers need their entertainment spoon fed to them, some of us are capable of abstract thought, some of us do understand the concept of symbolism and/or symbolic imagery. As you'd expect, this list includes works by David Lynch (my favorite!), David Cronenberg and Alejandro Jodorowsky. You have to admit that their movies are made for a specific audience, not usually the masses of people that you'll see at your local multiplex watching the latest piece of drivel featuring some generic teen idol (yes, I'm looking at you Megan Fox!).

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My Top 10 Weird Movies

top-10-weird-mWhat do I mean by "weird movies" ? I would define that term as follows, it's a movie that doesn't make any traditional sense in terms of narrative or story structure. It's something quite unusual and unique, in other words, a mind trip of a movie. Something that could be watched and enjoyed after smoking some weed (for those who are so inclined). Now, I am sure that many movies could be described as weird and it would be an accurate description. I have narrowed my list down to 10 movies that I would place in this category. These are my favorite weird movies, the ones that I think demand repeat viewings because I catch something new each time or find a deeper meaning. As you can see I have multiple films from directors David Lynch and David Cronenberg, these guys are like mad geniuses, their movies are usually way out there in some alternate universe. As always, this is a subjective thing and I'm certain that everybody has their own ideas about it, so feel free to agree or disagree, discuss and debate, just go ahead and post it FaceBook Page.

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My 10 Favorite Cult Flicks

top-10-cult-flicksCult movies......everybody has these on their list of favorite of movies and we wear our affection for them like a badge of honor, like we belong to an exclusive club. In a way, we do. These are the types of movies that don't appeal to everybody, just to a specific segment of the moviegoing public. The critics may have panned them, the public probably stayed away but there's a select few (we know who we are) that love these quirky flicks and will watch them repeatedly. Some of us can can even recite the dialogue verbatim whil watching them. Who knows why these movies don't appeal to more people? Maybe they have never heard of them and don't want to take a chance on seeing a lousy movie? Perhaps they just don't get it? It's difficult to say why you like them so much, but you think that these titles are top-notch. Cult flicks are not to be confused with guilty pleasures, those are the movies that we are too embarrassed to admit that we like. On the other hand, we are quick to proclaim that we are fans of a particular title, that, my friends, is a cult flick.We all know that The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) is the ultimate cult flick, most people do like that, so that title will not be present on my list.  I'm going to name my top ten cult flicks (at least I would classify them as such) and I'm sure all of you have your own personal cult favorites.

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