Cherry Bomb

cherrry-bomb-reviewCherry Bomb  (2010)    Well Go/Action-Thriller    RT: 82 minutes    Rated R (language, strong graphic bloody violence, rape, nudity, sexual content, drugs, adult situations)    Director: Kyle Day    Screenplay: Kyle Day and Garrett Hargrove    Music: Jason Latimer    Cinematography: Andrew Michael Barrera    Release date: October 23, 2010 (US)    Starring: Julin Jean, Nick Manning, John Gabriel Rodriguez, Jeremy James Douglas Norton, Conor Nobles, Alan Brady, Aaron Alexander, Dave Buckman, D.J. Morrison, Denise Williamson, Allen Hackley, Craig Welborn, Charlotte Biggs.      

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 SWEET! In the grand tradition of female-oriented revenge flicks like Savage Streets, Thriller (They Call Her One-Eye) and I Spit on Your Grave comes Cherry Bomb , a new exploitation movie that pays homage to all those violent and awesome B-movies that defined my weekend afternoons as a movie-loving teenager. It's exactly the kind of movie that I'd go to see on a Saturday afternoon in my youth. Cheesy exploitation movies like this ALWAYS took top priority with me because, generally speaking, they'd only play for a week before being replaced by another one-week wonder. Obviously, it's not a complex film that tackles important issues, it's a simple action movie with a single purpose ....... VIOLENT REVENGE! Who better to be on the receiving end of that deal than a group of scumbag rapists (among the lowest of Earth's lifeforms). I realize that I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I would love to see this type of movie make a comeback. It seems like a few filmmakers have the same idea, recent titles like Machete and Hobo with a Shotgun have opened in theaters instead of going straight to DVD. Both titles earned a spot on my Top 10 lists ('10 and '11, respectively) and I'm certain that Cherry Bomb would have made the runner-up list had it played in theaters.

I know, I know, it's a poorly made movie and some will argue that it's far too low budget (approx. $100,000) to be considered for a theatrical release. Well, I'd counter that by saying that El Mariachi (1993, D: Robert Rodriguez) only cost about $7000 to make and it had a fairly successful run at arthouse theaters around the country. By the way, it's not much more than a cheap B-movie with a few stylish directorial flourishes. 


cherry-bomb Cherry Bomb (Jean) works as a stripper at the Pussy Hut Strip Club and she agrees to put on a private show for five important patrons (meaning they have a lot of money to spend)- Adam (Norton), Doug (Nobles), Rick (Brady), Ed (Alexander) and Pete (Buckman). They end up raping Cherry Bomb and putting her in the hospital. She reports the incident to the police, but the corrupt detective (Morrison) on the case won't do anything about it because the men claim it was a consensual act. It might also have something to do with the fact that they all work for the same crime boss. The only one who isn't involved in the criminal underworld is Ed, but he agrees to remain silent after a couple of the other rapists pay him a visit at his home. Even though they're estanged from one another, her brother Brandon (Rodriguez) hangs around the hospital waiting for word on his sister's condition. When he learns that the police won't be arresting the rapists, he visits one of the scumbags and tries to make him come clean about the crime. It ends badly when Brandon shoots him dead, but it prompts Cherry to leave the hospital and talk to her brother at his home. She suggests that they team up and kill the other four creeps, but Brandon doesn't want any further involvement in the matter. That doesn't stop our brave heroine who shows up at a club frequented by one of the rapists and stabs him to death on the dance floor. After that incident, Brandon agrees to team up with his sister and help her complete her mission of vengeance. Unfortunately, the anonymous crime boss hires a hulking hit-man named Bull (Hackley) to take out the two vigilantes. 

 Cherry Bomb  has all the essential components of a rockin' B-movie, not the least of which is the nutty dialogue. Cherry gets to say priceless things like "I want them six feet under with their blood on my hands." and "Five rapists that f--ked with the wrong stripper." One of my favorite lines comes from another stripper at the club who's just had a particularly tough time on the stage. She complains, "I knew I could do this. I knew I could get up there, I knew I could dance, I knew I could take my clothes off. What I wasn't ready for was somebody to boo me off the stage and yell 'Bring on the ones with the big tits!' ". One of the rapists gets off a really corny line when he screams "Stop nailing me!" as Cherry tortures him with  ...... you guessed it, a nail gun. Ah, only in an exploitation movie! Then there's the graphic violence, some of the highlights include a man's skull getting crushed by a car and another creep getting his testicles blown off (and a eye gouged out). There's a few moments that just cracked up, like the scene where our heroes slam into the hit-man with their car, he just gets up and keeps going as if nothing happened. Incidentally, Bull resembles Samuel L. Jackson's character from Pulp Fiction, except his Afro isn't the Jheri curl kind. Those who appreciate movie references will like that the club the one rapist frequents is called Tech Noir, just like the club in The Terminator, the place where the Terminator confronts Sarah Connor for the first time. The filmmakers set the action of Cherry Bomb in '84 which serves to increase the retro B-movie feel of this kick-ass action flick. Julin Jean may not be the greatest actress in the world, but she's freakin' hot and has a great body! In other words, it's perfect casting! I really enjoyed this movie, I think it's one of the better action/revenge flicks that I've watched in a while. In short, Cherry Bomb rocks hard! 

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